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Cenocco beauty Rechargeable Foot Care Callus Remover​


Effectively removes dead, tough, and excessive skin. Fine Grinding Roller Head for daily maintenance, providing a soft finish. Ergonomic, wireless, two-speed Callus Remover.

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Product Description and Specification

This Cenocco rechargeable anti-callus grater rotates from left to right and front to back, allowing easy passage through all of your feet's curves. Simply turn it on, and the motorized abrasion roller begins spinning at 2000 rpm, removing dead skin, corns, and corneas to leave your feet's skin silky smooth like a baby's.



  • This works well on dead skin, tough skin, and excessive skin. The Fine Grinding Roller Head, on the other hand, is more focused on daily maintenance and producing a soft and smooth finish.
  • Our foot callus remover fits your hand perfectly, and we made it as easy to use as possible.
  • You don't need to use your phone's or another device's USB cable to use our Callus Remover; we got one for you.
  • This Cenocco Callus Remover operates at two speeds: 2000r/min high and 1700r/min low.
  • It includes a rechargeable battery that can be used wirelessly for 90 minutes after charging for 3-5 hours.
  • The innovative design allows you to remove thick skin in less time. Even while watching TV, you can get instant exfoliation! With a convenient, ergonomic handle, this tool is easy to hold and ready to use. 
  • The improved safety lock button prevents the unit from being accidentally turned on.
  • Do you enjoy getting pedicures? With this premium and simple callus treatment, you'll feel as if you've gone to a professional, but without the added costs.


  • Brandname: Cenocco Beauty
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Measure: 50.50 cm x 21 x 4.50 cm
  • Rechargeable Battery: Yes
  • RPM: 2000
  • LED Light: Yes
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