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Cenocco Beauty Blackhead Remover Vacuum


Biomechanical blackhead remover, strong suction, skin-safe. Compact, 6-in-1 functions: vacuum blackheads, remove excess oil, exfoliate, firm, and reduce fine lines. AI display, 5 replaceable heads.

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Product Description and Specification

This Cenocco Beauty Blackhead Remover Vacuum maintains an electric pressure of 5 volts, which corresponds to vacuum suction. The cleanser is equipped with a vacuum air pump, which has a low power consumption and noise level. Can Improve wrinkles, providing you with tender skin The cleanser can also be used to remove flaws and discoloration from the skin, which reduces skin pigmentation. This facial cleaning tool can remove blackheads and clean your face, making it an excellent choice for those in need.



  • Biomechanical blackhead remover, strong suction, safe to skin
  • Compact and multi-functional with six functions in one
  • Suck out blackheads: vacuum absorption, quickly and effectively remove blackheads
  • Remove excess oil & grease and keep the pores open
  • Reduce and suck acne out of your skin
  • Exfoliate excess cutin, restore skin metabolism and promote skin nutrition absorption
  • Tyra firming: absorption and kneading can make skin firm and V-shape face
  • Remove fine lines, promote skin blood circulation and increase skin elasticity
  • Constant voltage 5V working voltage
  • High-quality vacuum air pump
  • Lowe power consumption and low noise
  • Artificial intelligence simulation function display
  • User-friendly design convenient operation
  • Clear display of working state
  • Three modes, one key conversion
  • Smart function, boot meditation medium mode
  • Five replaceable cleaning heads
  • A multi-purpose machine, according to different needs to choose the right cleaning head
  • Small Round Hole: beauty head to absorb small blackheads
  • Round Hole: Beauty head to absorb large blackheads
  • Large Round Hole: cleaning head lifting tighten V-shape face
  • Oval Hole: clean head to remove fine lines
  • Microcrystalline: cleansing head exfoliating dead skin face


  • Brandname: Cenocco
  • Color: White
  • Modes: Low-grade (Oily Skin), Mid-grade (Neutral Skin), and high-grade (Dry-Skin)
  • Battery capacity: 500 mAh
  • Work Time: ≥ 120 minutes
  • Charging Time: about 2 hours
  • Standard: GB4706.59-2008
  • Rate Voltage: 5V
  • Rate Power: 1.6W
  • Rate Current: 450mA
  • Product Size: 9.8cm x 6cm x 5.4cm
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