» » Cenocco beauty Rimuovi calli ricaricabile per la cura dei piedi
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Cenocco beauty Rimuovi calli ricaricabile per la cura dei piedi


Rimuove efficacemente pelle morta, dura ed eccessiva. La testa a rullo per la macinatura fine è ideale per la manutenzione quotidiana. Ergonomico, senza fili, due velocità.

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Descrizione e specifiche del prodotto

This is a good anti-contact vehicle, which is easy to cross over the curve of the foot. Basta accenderla e il abrasive abrasive motorizzato a girare a girare a 2000 giri al minuto, riuovendo pelle morta, calli e horne per lasciare la pelle dei piedi liscia comme quella di un enfant.



  • Function bene su pelle morta, pelle dura e pelle in eccesso. The dough has a fine machining, invece, if highly concentrated in daily handling and in the production of a morbid and smooth finish.
  • It's time to call it by foot if it fits perfectly all the way and when it stops, it's more possible to use.
  • No, you don't need to use the USB cable on your phone or another device to use your old phone; ne abbiamo uno per voi.
  • This rimuovi-calli It functions at due speed: 2000r/min in high and 1700r/min in bass.
  • You have a rechargeable battery that can be used in wireless mode for 90 minutes with a 3-5 ore battery.
  • The innovative design allows the shovel to be used at any time. Also if you keep the TV on, it is possible to listen to it now! With an ergonomically impugnant comfort, this instrument is easy to impugn and pronto all'use. 
  • The pulse of the device will prevent accidental accension of the device.
  • Where do I do the pedicure? With this simple treatment per caller, you feel like you are encouraged by a professional, my feeling is cost-effective.

Technical specification:

  • Marchio: Cenocco Beauty
  • Color: Argento
  • Material: Plastic ABS
  • Size: 50.50 cm x 21 x 4.50 cm
  • Rechargeable battery: Yes
  • NUMBER OF GIRI: 2000
  • LED light: Sì
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